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Rules and Regs

  • The rules and regulations collection agents MUST follow.
  • What the rules say about what kind of tax filings are required.


  • The questions agents
    are allowed
    and NOT allowed to ask of you


  • How our successful members filled out the Tax Court Petition, and how those members responded to the commissioners motion to dismiss.

Tax Disputes

How our successful members used the tax court proceedings to remove liens, levys and garnishments

Do You OWE $10,000? $250,000? More?

When you owe money to the I*S; debts grow with penalties & interest.
Bank accounts are seized, liens placed on property, paychecks are garnished.
But now, due to the diligent efforts of many American patriots, the tables have turned.
Even if you owe nothing, this method can still work for you!

There is still a battle in getting away from this tyranny but the tools needed to win are now available to the average American and YOU too can achieve these results.

The truth that many of us have been looking for has been revealed!  The
answer has been right in front of us all along! It is so simple and yet so very, very effective.

Tax laws are complicated on purpose to hide the truth. The collectors have a very rigid set of rules to follow, and if they do not, THERE IS NO TAX!

For many decades Americans have feared the I*S and its long reaching powers. Many have been left in total ruin because of this agency. Lives have even lost.

Lets face it, the so called laws, rules and regulations are complex. Just when we
think we understand it, we get hit when we least expect it! What’s going on here???

In fact, now the I*S starting to run scared. Americans are finally standing up and WINNING due to this legal fact that has been hidden in plain sight the whole time!  This agency is absolutely dumbfounded. They are pulling their hair out! They simply cannot stop the hordes of patriots who are waking up and leaving the financial plantation!

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Are you attorneys?

No, we are not attorneys, we can actually tell the truth! Unlike attorneys, self-represented parties can do things in court that attorneys are not allowed to do, like use the actual law to our advantage.

Having issues with the I*S can add an immense amount of stress to your life. Those who have had problems, know that tax collection actions can be life-altering. We get it. We specialize in helping other Americans get peace of mind. Our information includes learning how to stop wage garnishments, bank levies and asset levies.

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So you ask, “I am a responsible American, I always pay my taxes, isn’t my responsibility to pay the taxes I owe?” Yes absolutely! The question becomes, how do you know you owe a tax? Just because someone you trust says so?

Again you may ask, “But I support maintaining roads and the military. I should pay the income tax, right?”
We cannot tell you to pay or not to pay any tax. You will have to be responsible for that decision. However,
in 1982, Ronald Reagan commissioned J. Peter Grace to perform an exhaustive investigation into taxation in America. The Grace Commission conclusion on the income tax was: “100% of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal Debt… all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services taxpayers expect from government.”

Secrets they don’t want you to know are finally being taught and revealed; but may be hidden at any moment, so act quickly!

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